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Hello, I am Juan,

NORMAN is an online clothing and accessories store for men ( this is what hacemos ) that seeks to transform the way we dress in a simpler, more comfortable and very attractive way (this is the sexy part).

In this blog I only seek to share what I have learned with NORMAN about how to create a brand from scratch, manufacture a product and how to try to sell it to make it successful. I don't own the truth and I don't have the five steps to be a millionaire either, so don't worry.

I will tell you and answer different questions and today we start with the first one . How did it all start? So there you go:

On a day like today, on any given Tuesday, I was coming out of exercise, I took a bath and when I put on my jeans I felt as if I had transformed into another person, with a very different personality, as if the feeling of satisfaction had stayed in the gym. , as is well. I couldn't believe that pants had the power to change my mood so quickly and radically.

That's when I said: "I have to do something that helps me feel active and very comfortable all day." (sounds easy but it's not)

This is how the EVERYDAY PANTS were born, an alternative to very comfortable and very attractive pants. I can give you ideas on when to use them but I am sure that you will find the perfect moment to take them with you.

What do I want to tell you with all this?

  • Entrepreneurs are mere mortals.
  • Everything is already invented, don't stress if you don't have ideas.
  • You are going to love our pants.


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