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I promise you that it is a more interesting topic than you think, I also anticipate that sustainable fashion does not seek to see you dressed as a tree.

For us, the best way to understand this new concept is when we make conscious and informed decisions when making a purchase.

Why am I telling you this?

Today we live in a world where immediacy and economy is our main engine of satisfaction.

For different reasons we are a society that contaminates when manufacturing, we buy without thinking, we are desperate not to get things immediately and the reality is that this form of consumption does not make sense.

We are the type of consumer that we need to have and belong to in order to feel calmer. Unfortunately, brands have given us the power to reflect in people what they apparently need to be.

How do I make informed decisions?

As brands it is our responsibility to be transparent with you in all our processes, from where and how we manufacture, materials and costs. Being a sustainable brand is having a commitment to the environment, the economy and social equity.

With the environment, it is not about making you believe that our materials come from an artisan process where we extract fabrics from Argentine caterpillars. It is true that we must use natural materials but our main commitment is to return to the environment the resources we borrow. That's why when a garment has a higher durability you indirectly promote not taking more resources from the planet.

Just ask yourself where the clothes you are buying come from, try to see it in the long term and not just as a treat that will give you fleeting feelings of happiness. I promise you it's not buying less, it's buying better.

Our job is to find the right balance between quality and price to bring you closer to this new form of consumption, so that together we can reduce the environmental impact and be happier while we do it.


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